Learn photography techniques

Any creativity begins with the technical foundations. Photography is no exception. To write books, you need to learn the alphabet, grammar, spelling of the language. Of course, modern cameras have excellent automation, which will allow you to get good shots at the touch of a single button, without thinking about any settings.

However, those who shoot in auto mode know that automatics often make mistakes: either the brightness of the picture is not the same, then the colors are not the same, then the sharpness is not there. But you really want to tell the camera how to do it! In order to fully control the shooting process and not depend on the quirks of automation, it is worth learning the fairly simple technical basics of photography. How is an image formed in a camera? What is exposure? What is white balance? How does focus work? Understanding how everything works and knowing how to set up your camera will allow you to take high quality pictures and have full control of the shooting process “from and to”. By the way, in the next lessons we will talk about these technical basics.