What is white balance?

It is important for the camera to know which color in the WEDDING PHOTO BOOTHS NYC is neutral. By installing it, the camera’s processor will be able to correctly represent the rest of the shades. The “White Balance” setting is responsible for this.

Setting the white balance is to tell the camera the color temperature of the light source. This can be done in many ways, including very simple ones.

Note that the frame receives its colors at the stage of in-camera processing as a result of converting the initial data from the matrix. In order to get the final picture from them, the electronics apply certain white balance parameters. This is easy to verify by activating white balance bracketing: the camera will take one frame, and then save several versions of the picture with different colors on the memory card.

The digital nature fundamentally distinguishes white balance from exposure settings, which are quite physical in nature. For the same reason, setting the white balance can be postponed to the post-processing stage if shooting is in RAW format. If shooting is in JPEG, then the white balance will have to be adjusted before shooting. Next, let’s talk about how to do this.